bags packed

"All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go..."

{Evie's bag}
A girl's gotta have options! 
And a dog's gotta have red, polka-dotted sunglasses...don't tell Wrigley she's not going. 

{Madre's bag}

Well, I don't know if we are actually "ready to go," but the hospital bags ARE packed! Every baby app we read for the past 3 weeks said we should be packed by now. Whatevs. But this weekend, for some reason, I got the burst of energy to get ourselves prepared. Maybe its the never ending ache/foot in my ribcage or the fact that I am only comfortable about 0% of the day that gave me the kick I needed to get into gear and accept the fact that this baby is on her way! I think I've been in denial, pretending it is still months away. The first 36 weeks have flown by, I can only imagine the last 4 will be over before I know it. Both scary and exciting! I wasn't sure what to pack, but got my list of things from this blog {thanks mom for the link}. The lady that wrote it is a labor and delivery nurse of 12 years, so it's pretty legit. By the way if you see essentials missing in the latter photo, they are probably listed on that never ending "don't forget" pink note pad. 

Alright Evie, ready when you are! 3 weeks {maybe} left...


happily ever after-ers do waco

We all started out in Houston together...now 4 years, 4 different cities, 8 new jobs, 3 new houses, and 3 babies later, these friendships still remain strong! 

This weekend our friends from Houston {well now technically from Forney, Dallas, and Houston} met here in Waco. These are the first people we met after we were newly married living in Houston...all alone. Have you ever had people you felt were divinely put into your life at a specific time? Well that would be these fine people! We were all in the Nearly/Newlywed group at Second Baptist together, going through the first few years of marriage alongside one another...and laughing a lot! Since we haven't all been back together in a very long time and I can't travel over an hour from now until D-day, they all came to Waco! It was a blast, as always, and my abs were sore the next day from laughing so hard. And let me tell you- an 8 month pregnant lady cracking up is dangerous sight! Well, it was a dangerous weekend. The guys played golf, the girls shopped, we all ate dinner and played games at our place, and then grabbed breakfast the next morning. 
It was a much needed fun weekend! 

Everything is a game with this crew...even the arrival of sweet Evie girl: 


evie's room

Drum roll please....

Evie's room is finished! I am overjoyed with the way it turned out! I wanted something sophisticated, but fun and I think it is exactly that. There is lots of love that went into this room. As Here, take a look: 

Just waiting on a glider and a baby to arrive! 


Wreath-Maker: Aunt Lynley
Dresser-Painter: Aunt Lynley
Seamstress {crib bedding & curtains}: Aunt Lynley
Seamstress Assistants: Erin Eills, Gran Jan
Wall-Painter: Aunt Lynley
Wall-toucher-upper: Erin Ellis
Baby Animal Prints-Framer: Gran Jan
Closet Organizer: Gran Jan 
Designated Hanger Upper and Handy Man: Tate 

babyful & husbandless in waco

Remember that time I was 8 months pregnant and my husband had to go to Sweden for 2 weeks? I do. Unfortunately, the Baylor Environmental Science department doesn't plan around our baby-growing schedule, and Tate was whisked away to Europe to do research/sample air/whatever he does. They originally wanted him to go in March- BIG NO! So they fortunately pushed things up for him to go in February instead. I know, despite the amazing opportunity, he didn't want to leave us. But duty calls! And since my man is abroad, I called in the reinforcements to pass the time- Lyn and Gran Jan.

"All my women, who independent, throw your hands up at me!"

We had a lot to do...as always

Lyn came in for part of week one so we could make pillows, cake plate stands, price stuff, and get The Warehouse all stocked up and ready to go for the next few months! Due to babies and Spring Training, this may be the last chance we have to spend a lot of time on the store for a little while, so we did as much as we could, and it looks great! It's always so much more fun doing store stuff together. Thanks for giving up your precious last few days before Spring Training to come hang out! 

Mom came down for most of the second week and we got serious about this baby prep stuff! I am always amazed at how much that woman can organize and multi-task. I came home from work the first day to find her hidden in a jungle of baby accessories: pack-n-play, rock and sleeper, stroller, you name it! She had put together practically all of our baby gear and broken down the boxes. Amazing! I'm glad she took it upon herself to do it too, because Tate hates to get rid of boxes "just in case" and they would be all over our house at this point two weeks from now. We also finished Evie's room!!!! Hallelujah! I am so excited {pics to come}! 

The Warehouse is stocked, the nursery is done, now all we need is a husband back stateside and a baby on the way! 

35 weeks: honeydew

 Are you cozy or cramped? Because you don't have much more room in there! You are now over 18 inches long and weigh about 5 1/2 pounds! How am I not tipping over by now? I ask myself that everyday. You are almost fully developed and your main job in the next few weeks is to put on baby fat. Speaking of weight, so far I have gained 27 pounds, but feel like 100. I can feel you moving around and every now and can even sometimes feel a foot poking out under my ribs! This entire pregnancy has gone pretty smoothly, thank you Lord, so I shouldn't even complain. But if I had one complaint right now, it would be the nagging cramp in my side. I can't sit longer than 15 minutes at a time...which has made the numerous roadtrips (Amarillo, OKC, Dallas) in the past few weeks tons of fun. It's like you are kicking/pushing against the inside of my right ribcage. Could you stop that, please? Thanks. No more roadtrips for me for a while. I am now at the point where I am not supposed to travel over an hour. This may be the longest I have ever been "stuck" in Waco. Oh well, sounds pretty great about now. I will just plop my prego, baby-growin' self on the couch and start a Scandal marathon. 

5 more weeks to go! 


no filter

Why do people think the miracle of life {aka pregnancy} gives them the excuse to say whatever it is that enters their mind? It's like the sight of a baby bump removes any filter that once existed {if one ever existed in the first place}. Hey, just because I have gained some poundage and am now wearing an elastic waistband on a daily basis does not mean I need to hear how big I look. I get it. I know. Trust me. And if I didn't, I have to weigh in on a weekly basis like I'm on Biggest Loser to confirm it. Hey people- I'm growing another human life here, give me a break! Just to prove my point, here are actual comments made by actual people in the past few months- enjoy! 

"So I guess twins run in your family..." 
-2 different grown adults on 2 different occasions 

 "Wow, that baby must be coming any day now!"
{Me: "If by any day now you mean 5 weeks, then yes."}
-Neighbor walking his dog  

"You havin a baby? I can see your lil' pudge."
-Rosa's cashier  

"Something is different about you....you look...rounder."
-7th grade student 

"Are you sure, I mean about the twins, that they don't run in your family? 
Because you look like you're having twins"
-Same person as above, different day 

"Girl when are you due because you have GROWN, like really grown overnight. 
It has to be soon, right?" 

And my personal favorite after touching my belly...

"Haha fat."
-3rd grade student 

I'm proud of this baby bump! if ya got it, flaunt it! And I apparently got it! 

amarillo shower

 A few weeks ago we were showered with lots of love and cute baby girl stuff at our Amarillo shower for Evie! Tate so thoughtfully sent his prego wife {and mom in law} on their merry way on the 7 hour drive while he hopped on a plane to meet us there. Ok, actually, he had to teach his Friday ENV lab from 1-5 and the only way he could make it was by plane, but I still like to give him a hard time about it. We had a great time visiting in Amarillo and celebrating E's arrival! I can't believe next time we go back we will be a family of 3...er....4 {sorry Wrigs}! 

{Our wonderful hostesses- love you all!} 

{E is for Evie!}

{snacks...noms...grub...shower essentials} 

{Evie's first Bible and a keepsake hat which also has a blue flower,
 meant to be her "something blue" for waaaaay down the road. Thanks Gran Jan!} 

{Barrett boys representing with a giant card that was given to 
Tate's grandma when his dad was born. A cute addition to E's room}

{Famiy! So glad you all came in for the shower to celebrate E} 

{Present opening time!}