t's birday

This is your birthday blog, it isn't very log....HEY! 

Only you fellow FBC Allen Acteens will understand ^this^, but don't feel left out, I am going to enlighten everyone on the happenings of Tate's b-day bash! 

birthday boy's new wetsuit...hot stuff

As your news feed probably informed you, Friday was Tate's 25th birthday! Or as he would pronounce it, "bir-day" Yes that's right, he turned a quarter of a century old, catching up to his craddle-robbing wifey. In true Tate form, the celebration lasted a few days. Tye informs us annually that while growing up, Tate could easily stretch his b-day celebration into a week, minimum. Tate claims it was not his fault his b-day fell on Spring Break every year. Whatevs. Either way, a TWENTY-FIFTH birthday is a big deal and deserves a big celebration. 

Sprinkles break

Thursday, birthday eve, Robby and LaVon came into town. Seeing as we were the only Barretts on Spring Break, we went to lunch at PF Changs and did some shopping. After a trip to Crate and Barrel and a very important cupcake stop by Sprinkles, Robby took me to Willam-Sonoma where I learned of his love for cheese graters. Yes, cheese graters. And other kitchen gadgets too, but mostly ones that grate cheese. This instantly puts him at the top of the list of "Relatives That are Easy to Buy For." 

Trip to the rodeo

my pet Brahman, Bessie

best rodeo snack ever

Thursday evening Tate met us at the apartment, and we all headed to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! We toured the rows of animals, only heightening my desire for 1-2 Brahman cattle on a ranch someday. Hey don't judge. Some people have dogs, some have cheese graters and others have Brahman. After grabbing some quick dinner and jockeying for a picnic table, the parents went to pick up Tye while Tate and I went to the Zac Brown Band concert. They were amazing!! Best concert at the rodeo by far. We heart ZBB and candied cashews from The Nutty Bavarian! This is our clutch rodeo snack, traveling down 4 stories and missing bull riding just to find some. 

Moody Gardens with the fam

dreams come true


That night we went home and went to sleep so the birthday fairy could come. Friday, we woke up and it was birthday morning! We all 4 got ready...in one bathroom might I add...not at the same time, and drove to Galveston to visit the Moody Gardens Aquarium. Tate has been wanting to go to Moody Gardens since we moved here (see Houston Bucket List post), and the birthday fairy finally granted him is wish. After a fun day on the coast, we sped up Highway 45 to pick up our COOKIE CAKE (said in a cookie monster voice). This is a whole different story, but basically the cookie cake place closes at 4, we left Galveston at 3 and according to google maps it literally takes 59 minutes to get there. My bad. To save you the suspense, we made it in time and picked up our precious COOKIE CAKE! Whhhew. It was a close one, thanks Robby for your Jeff Gordon-like skills. It was worth it.

partners in crime

girly partners in crime

Friday night we went to dinner at Cyclone Anaya's for a SURRRPRISE party!! Tate thought we were going to a calm family dinner at his fave restaurant, but little did he know, 10 of our wonderful friends were there to join us! Gotcha! It was such a fun time hanging out and catching up with friends we hadn't seen in a while. It was a perfect ending to a great day filled with all the b-day musts: text messages, calls, presents, family, sharks, giant balloons, salsa, friends and cookie cake. Thanks to all of you for making it extra special! 

happy day


spring breakin'

Top 10 Perks of working in schools: 

10. Enriching the minds of children  
9. Hilarious, irreverent stories  
8. Chewing gum in school without getting your folder signed
7. Mariachi band in the cafeteria for Cinco de Mayo
6. Afternoon appointments with Ellen Degeneres
5. Peacing out of work at 3:30 PM
4. Thanksgiving Break
2. Christmas Break
1. Summer...duh

This week I am savoring perk #3 on the list, Spring Break! These 7 glorious days consist of many unordinary things, but most importantly: not setting an alarm, eating breakfast on the couch rather than in the car, shopping for things other than groceries, catching up on some reading, going to bed past Tate's bedtime and not having to bribe anyone with stickers.

at Kona Grill

My mom called me Sunday evening to pitch the idea of coming to Houston for a few days. It took no convincing as I quickly thought of manicures, eating out, shopping, talking, and more talking. What a great idea! We would be happy to have you stay at B306! She came in Monday afternoon and is currently sitting on my couch. So far we have been very productive. Mani/pedi: check! Shopping: check! Sushi: check! We even found time to go to the grocery store, cook meatloaf and mashed potatoes AND make 130 special surprises for Brikki's wedding.

with two desserts

We also did some not-so-fun stuff like take my car in to get new brake pads, but who cares about that, right? That is just depressing. But, at least I had a buddy to go with me.

craft time and Glee

So far, SB2011 has given everyone a chance to share their talents. Mom has been able to express her gift of gift giving by doing just that, I've used my gift of hospitality while fixing her up on our couch for a few nights and Tate is using his strong work ethic to...well...work. OK I guess not everyone gets a Spring Break, but don't worry he still reaps the benefits. I brought him lunch at work, got him a swim suit (that fits!) at the mall, and I still have plenty of time to run pre-birthday errands.

cutie alert

This week has been a blast so far! Whhhew. I need to pace myself, seeing as it is only halfway over.  Thursday the Barretts are coming to town and Friday is Tate's birthday! Can you say, fun overload? Nope. I can't either. Long live SB2011!