coming home

Last weekend was Baylor Homecoming, SickUm! This was the first Homecoming we have gone together as married alumi peeps, and we were looking forward to it!

We got there late Friday to meet Tye, Katie and Lynley at the bonfire. We saw fireworks and almost rode on a carnival ride...dun, dun duuuun. However, the line was too long so we opted out and probably spared our lives in doing so.

Saturday morning we went to my favorite Baylor Homecoming event, the parade. I should probably mention, this isn't just any parade. It's the 2nd largest collegiate parade in the nation (thank you StuFu tour training). This is where I sadly realized I am getting old. 1st piece of evidence: I used to think getting up for the parade meant waking up ridiculously early; however, this year, I was excited to sleep in a whole hour.  2nd piece of evidence: I didn't know anyone on campus compared to previous years. Actually, only 2 people stopped to tell me hi at the parade- a teacher and an advisor...a.k.a other old people. Great, that confirms it.

After the parade, I stopped by the Chi Gam Alumni Luncheon. It was so great to see my sweet sisters!  Following lunch at Schmaltz's we very unexpectedly passed the candle!! What a surprise.  My little, Anna Ligon, is engaged! I felt so blessed to be there with my girls in that nail salon. Chi Gams fo life!

Later, we hit up Tye's tailgate and went to Tate's favorite Homecoming event- the Baylor football game. Rise up! It rained through the in-tye-er game. No joke. I told Tate that I was going, unless it rained. Welp, joke was on me because it started raining merely three plays into the game.  We were warned a storm was a-rollin' through and that we needed to take cover. However, we didn't take it seriously until it was announced that pea-sized hail was also on its way. Yikes! On that note, we took cover with the other thousands of people under the stands. Luckily, we got a prime spot in front of the napping man and beside the gate blocking off the Kansas State locker room. Literally five hours later, the bears won!! Some of us charged the field while some of us took pictures. It is the first time we've been bowl eligible since 1994! In another fans' words, "I love that the bar is low enough that just being eligible is HUGE deal." Me too, sir, me too.

It was a great ending to the baylorbarretts first Homecoming weekend! 


the REAL project 365

Our Flicker Project 365 is still in the works; however, the REAL Project 365, being married for one whole year and liking it, is complete. Success! 

In a matter of 1 day we have gone from newlyweds to merely weds, instantly growing in wisdom and experience. Ok maybe not wisdom as of yet, but we were blessed with many interesting experiences this anniversary weekend. Let us share with you some of the things we learned:

* The world's creamiest Rootbeer can be found at Buc-ees...and it.is.rich, deliciously rich.
* The Yellow Rose of Texas was actually a working woman, if you know what I mean.
* If you claim to be on your honeymoon or 1st anniversary, you are instantly awarded free drinks and/or dessert...no proof necessary.
* The Jersey Shore is quite entertaining if you can restrain your pride long enough to give it a chance.
* Four ghosts currently reside at the Alamo, Antonio being one.

In celebration of the big 1 year anny, we decided to get away for the weekend. For months we researched (and by researched, I mean looked at prices and golf courses) places to stay.  Hotel requirements for the Barretts consist of mostly the basics...

Danielle: must be categorized with a 'H' as in Hotel and not an 'M' as in Motel, spa, good restaurant, hotel rooms opening into the hallway not the parking lot (I would like to thank my 'travel-industry-vet' father for most of this)

Tate: golf course

Tate did a great job, booking 3 nights at La Cantera Resort in San Antonio. It was wonderful!!! It had all the "basics" plus more. One of us took Friday off and fortunately the other got "sick" so we left for SA Thursday night. As we checked in, we were upgraded to a Deluxe Room, given 2 breakfast vouchers and 1 drink voucher! There is nothing better than being on a sophisticated weekend getaway hoarding free stuff. Classic.

The weekend was a perfect balance of activity and relaxation. We remembered the Alamo, ate lunch at the Mexican Market (which is its official name by the way), napped, river walked, and went on a walking ghost hunt....vewy scawy. One afternoon Tate played 9 holes while I got a massage. I feel some couples, the really married ones, would be offended by this. It's probably a rule somewhere you aren't supposed to split up on your first anniversary. Ah well, everyone was happy and well taken care of, plus we didn't have much left to talk about anyway after one whole year.  Just kidding...but seriously...

Besides activities, we also ate really, really (note the repeat and italics for emphasis) well, which as some of you know is an important part of my overall satisfaction in life. I was practically full the entire weekend. To top it all off, we had an anniversary cake too! Panini Bakery made our wedding cakes and also makes a new cake for your 1st anniversary. My mom picked it up from the big-D, put it in a cooler and drove it 4 hours to H-town, what a doll- that's why we call her Jan tha Man. So, post Ruth's Chris bread, salad, petite filet (with extra butter), garlic mashed potatoes and free cheesecake, us gluttons force fed ourselves each other a few bites of wedding cake as well. I'm still full.

Apparently, 1 year is the paper anniversary. I feel like after sharing our closet for 12 months we deserved something a little more than paper, but ah well. So with keeping tradition, I gave T a giant commemorative map of the Republic of Texas. On the other hand, T decided to deviate from tradition (which I am not complaining about) and gave me a beautiful diamond, eternity band. It is a replica of my mom's original wedding band. So special, and I could not have been more surprised!

This weekend was a perfect ending to the year one as well as a wonderful beginning to many, many more to come!  Now that we are merely 'weds' we may not be instantly wiser, but we are getting there with time. We've seen patience, acceptance and concession first hand and been graced with love, loyalty and forgiveness when more often times than not it was undeserved. We've learned more about ourselves by depending on each other. Whhhow, we've learned so much in the first year, just think how enlightened we'll be in 50!

Til death shall SHeperate us...