it takes a village

{written a few months ago:}
"I'm about 5 weeks along in my pregnancy with you. We made it back from vacation and kept our secret safe...until this morning. As we were having carpet put in, my good friend and co-worker, Blanche, called to tell me she is pregnant. So, I spilled the beans! We think we are 2 weeks apart with me being earlier. I'm glad to have a friend, more specifically a friend here in Waco, to go through this very exciting and new experience with. My biggest worry from Day 1 was and is that our family and friends are so far away. I want to have a village of people close by to help me, hold you, love on you, and ease my fears in this new world called "mommy hood." However, I know God is already taking care of us and building the community we need. That truth was reiterated today when Blanche called. 

{written today:}
Looking back, I am humbled at the work God is doing in our lives. Home doesn't feel so far away anymore. We have become close to many couples in Waco through our small group- all of which have babies or are having babies! We finally feel rooted. And the miles between here and family don't seem so long anymore either. We had various family here taking care of us for 3 weeks and lots of visitors coming to love on Evie girl! To top it all off, Blanche's baby girl was born a day after Evie, only 6 rooms apart! We have been continually loved on and taken care of since the day this sweet girl entered the world, and for that we say "thank you!" We are thankful for the many meals delivered, advice offered, and miles driven in order to hold Evie and provide these new, tired parents with love and support. More than anything, we are grateful that Evie is already loved by so many and will have a unconditional support system as she grows. God is so good! 

Welcome to our village...

Unfortunately we don't have photos of every member of our "village," nonetheless, we appreciate each one of you, near or far, that have been praying for us, thinking of us, and checking in on us! Love you all!