We spent our Spring Break {which we are thankful to still have at 27 years of age} in Arizona visiting Lynley and Shawn. Since Shawn is part of the Dodgers organization, he and Lyn are lucky to spend a few months out of the year in AZ and we were even luckier to visit for a week! They have this little program during this time of the year called, "Spring Training," so most of our time was spent at baseball games good restaurants. I think we ate our way through Scottsdale. No surprise there, our vacations kind of revolve around food. But, besides good food, we also got to do some other exciting things too, including watching some baseball games, which is what most people actually travel to Spring Training in search of.

We went spent some time at Camelback Ranch, which is where the Dodgers and White Sox have their training facilities and share a field. We got to cheer on the Dodgers in three games, but got especially excited when Shawn came into pitch! Go #38! We saw him throw 4 pitches. Batter out. Inning over. Job well done!

{Camelback Ranch}

{The only game we had to have blankets. Cheering on the Dodgers!}

{Go Shawn!! Strike him out!}

We also so did some outdoorsey things. I know, giving up precious time by the pool to hike and stuff...who are we? I'm not sure either. We did the 4 mile Peoria Run the first full day we were there. Which, may I add, was the furthest Lynley and I have ever ran in our lives, but was a nice "light day" for Dad and Tate. Later that week, we hiked Squaw Peak. It was a really pretty hike and hard work too. We washed our hard workout down with a Smash Burger and milkshake. What a day! 

 {Peoria 4 mile run}

 {Tate and I pre hike}

 {Lyn and Dad at the bottom of Squaw Peak}

{The crew at the top taking in the view}

Life at the Wigam is nice. This is the hotel, built in the 1920's mind you, that my parents stayed at for the week. Tate and I stayed with Lynley and Shawn, but were sure to reap the many benefits of the Wigwam which included but were not limited to: the best breakfast burrito I've ever had, heated pool, bonfire surrounded by rocking chairs, and endless supply of cold oranges. Oh, and how could I forget bocce ball! Oh, bocce ball, how we love you. This became a fam favorite as we had a little tourney going on all weekend. Tate, Mom and Lynley vs. Dad, Shawn and me. After our lives have been changed at the Wig, we are now crossing our fingers for a bocce ball court to appear at our parents' new house when it gets built. 

 {Welcome to the Wigwam} 

{Built in 1929, served as quarters for cotton farmers' and a vacation home for families of Good Year executives. Now serves as quarters for vacationers and Samantha the cat}

{Bocce-ing is serious business}

{Tourney finished. I think you can tell who won and who is looking on jealously.}

If there are two things Arizona is not short on it's cactus and good restaurants. And I am not complaining. Lynley and Shawn had done their research before we came out and already had a long list of restaurants they wanted to take us to. I think we actually had more restaurants than number of meals to eat. Not only was everything delicious, all the ingredients were so local and fresh. It was great! I literally was full for 2 days after I got back home. 

 {At Arrowhead Grille celebrating Tate's birthday}

 {"Hey, everybody look at me...it's my birthday!"}

 {Lunch at Olive & Ivy, maybe my favorite place, before a quick shopping trip and a baseball game. This place has the most interesting and delicious stuff! Bacon wrapped dates and Sweet Potato Cannelloni. Yum!} 

{Last supper at Chelsea's Kitchen minus Tate since he had to get back to Waco run some samples, or check some carbon or save the earth or something.} 

{We took a food tour of Phoenix was was...um...interesting to say the least. This one deserves it's very OWN blog post, so more on that later...}

It was such a great trip and a wonderful way to spend Spring Break! The week flew by. No regrets, except I wish we could have stayed longer. Thanks Lyn and Shawn for showing us the ropes in AZ. Can't wait until next year!