19 weeks: eggplant

{I realized we skipped week 18...oops. There was a lot going on last week. Apologies. Probably won't be the last time.} 

Hey baby! Lots has happened in our world concerning you this week. You're a girl, I felt you move, and you are getting noticed! You are 10 ounces and definitely showing because I am getting a lot more belly rubs than I used to. Just this week I have had like 4 people touch my stomach and 2 people ask if I am preggo. The ultrasound tech told us that either I am further along than we thought or you are going to be a big 'ol baby. Although my due date was set to March 19, by the ultrasound calculations, you will be due March 15th. Who knows! I will go ahead and cancel all of my big plans in March, just to be safe. You now have everything an adult has- just in miniature form and your brain is designating specialized areas for smell, hearing, vision, touch, and taste...which makes sense because I felt you move after I ate the best meal in all my pregnancy so far! Your little hair {if you have it} is sprouting from your head! 

4 years & it's a she!


Thursday {10.17.13} was a great day! We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and on top of that fun, we found out our little baby is a girl! We couldn't be more excited about life right now! We had our ultrasound appointment at 4:00. We nervously/excitedly entered the room and told our friendly ultrasound tech, Gina, that we did NOT want to know the gender while at the appointment. She said ok and told us that when she got to that point, we could look away {not that we had ANY idea what we were looking at}. At one point, Tate said, "ohhhh, is that the baby's little eyes?" To that Gina held her composure and kindly responded with, "no, that is the gall bladder." Yep, definitely no clue what we were looking at. It was so cool seeing the baby's features and seeing her move around in there! I mean, at this point, we had seen 2 sonograms, but nothing like this! Instead of admiring a blob, we got to see little lips, nose, and feet! And instead of a still picture, we got to see baby girl kick and put her hand to her mouth. So incredible! Tate is not super opinionated on many things in life, he's pretty easy going for the most part, and I love him for it. However, he was 100% sure we should know the gender the day of our appointment. No waiting, no discussion about it. So it was decided- we know know that day. Now how to find out? {The whole gender reveal thing kinda stressed me out, but ended up being really fun and special} We'd heard that finding out in the appointment can be somewhat anti-climatic, with little time to react, so we opted for another suggestion given by a few friends. We brought a little card to the appointment that already said:


Following the appointment, the ultrasound tech wrote the gender {in pink} in the little space provided. We tried not to peek, sealed it up, and went on our way. Since it was a monumental day, we went out for a deeeeelicous dinner to celebrate {and open that little card that sealed our fate} at our favorite place. Tate opened the card. Honestly, I just knew it was a girl, so when he turned it around for me to see "it's a girl" I was very excited but not necessarily surprised. We had already discussed names, but I didn't know if we were 100% decided yet. So, it was to my surprise {and the best part of the evening} when dinner came and Tate prayed for baby girl by name. I said, "Well, I guess we've decided on a name then! That was easy." We had prayed all along for "a healthy baby" and for "it" to grow strong and healthy, but now knowing her identity and hearing her name in context for the first time was a very sweet moment. My heart was full {and so was my belly after that steak with green peppercorn and merlot sauce + chocolate cake}! And I am not even kidding, I felt her move for the FIRST time after dinner. I guess it's no joke that she and I already share the same love for a good steak. After Tate and I slipped into a food coma, we did the only plausible thing- went to the Temple Wal-Mart to buy lots pink silly string! We had family coming over the next night for a little gender reveal {more on that later} and supplies had to be purchased!

Recap of the eveving {Cliffs Notes version}:

Cheeves steak in my belly
finding out it's a girl
mass quantities of silly string
best anni ever!




17 weeks: sweet potato

It's the week of 5s: you are 5 inches long, weigh about 5 ounces, and I have gained 5 pounds!

{Wrigs praying over you- "Dear God, please let our baby love to give me belly rubs"}

 You can now yawn, hiccup and even put your hands to your mouth...I hope you aren't beginning that habit of thumb-sucking, because you know your SLP momma will put a stop to that! You are supposedly doing gymnastics in there- flips and and rolls; however, I haven't been able to feel you yet. Can't wait for that! I went to the Dr. and got to hear your heart beat again this week! What a great sound! The doctor said it is very strong, beating about 150 times per minute. 

In other news, your dad put together your stroller this week, the B.O.B. We don't have a crib or diapers or clothes, but we have a running stroller, by golly! Priorities. If he has his way, you will be strolling through a half marathon the afternoon you leave the hospital. I don't think it'll be that soon, but at least you will be strollin' in style!

  Gran Jan visited this week and brought me some maternity clothes- thank goodness! I never knew what I was missing until I tried on maternity pants! That glorious spandex band atop of skinny jeans is the best invention ever. When I tried them on I asked Tate, "are you ready to be freaked out?" Upon seeing my jeans all the way up to my rib cage he asked, "Uh, is that one entire article of clothing?" Why yes, yes it is, and the sweet potato and I love 'em. Other big news! The first stranger asked me today if I was pregnant. Well, actually it went more like this:

Rosa's employee: "Are you havin' a baby?"
Me: "Yes, and you are the first stranger to ask!"
Rosa: "Yeahhh, you got a little pudge showin' so you can tell." 
Me: "Uhhh...thanks. Why don't you go head and give me an extra order of tortillas too." 


16 weeks: avocado

Hello little avocado! You are now 4 1/2 inches long!  Congrats- you grew toenails this week- coincidently, this was also the week Tate called "not it!" to nail clipping duty after you arrive. {which is hilarious because I swear that guy clips his nails 2x a day, making him a pro by now}. Your teeny tiny ear bones are in place, making it very likely you can hear our voices now. By the way, that loud, obnoxious bark every night is your big, hairy sister Wrigley who is afraid of the dark and barks every evening until we ask her if she wants to come in for cheese. She's a mess, but you'll be bffae. I wish I knew exactly why you are so against me brushing my teeth in the morning. That is the only time, if any, I am getting sick, but I appreciate you only fighting it once this week. Oh, we set our 18 week ultrasound appointment this week, which we are SUPER excited about! We will find if you are a 'he' or a 'she' on  October 17th. The perfect way to celebrate our 4th anniversary! Maybe its the morning sickness, or the fact that you are still pretty low, or just a hunch, but we are guessing that you mayyy just be a girl. Who knows, maybe you will surprise us! Either way, we can't wait to find out more about you! You are so loved already.