happy fall y'all

What did one autumn leaf say to another?
I'm falling for you

How do you fix a broken pumpkin?
With a pumpkin patch!

How does an elephant get out of a tree?
It sits on a leaf and waits until Autumn!

What is a tree's least favorite month?

Can you tell I love Fall? FALL- the season that brings cooler weather, football games, scarves, leggings with boots, seat heaters, and pumpkin flavored everything- pie, lattes, bread, muffins, you name it...it's all good! This weekend was rainy and there was a slight chill in the air, if you tried really hard to feel it, so we pretended like Fall was here for good. We baked pumpkin bread, bought pumpkins, and added a little Autumn spice to our place. Although the weather doesn't quite agree and my scarf collection is anxiously awaiting for its debut, we are ready for Fall at 2709! Come on over for a slice of pumpkin bread and some really corny jokes {there's more where those came from}!

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."
-Anne of Green Gables  


15 weeks: apple

Finally in my 2nd trimester and feeling the bliss! Week 15 has been pretty good to me. I don't know which is more exciting- the fact that this is the first week with NO morning sickness or that I am able to brush my teeth now in the mornings...which is a win for everyone!  Tate has been out of town this week, so it was really hard to teach Wrigley to hold the camera still to take my 'bumpdate' pic. 
Luckily, I didn't have to rely on her and these guys came in town for a night...

 Mom made dinner, we went out for froyo {where we tried not to complain about the crying baby next to us because we knew it would soon be my fate} and laughed at Wrigley's obsession with chap stick and Crabtree and Evelyn lotion. 
Wrigley, the apple, and I are all ready for Tate to take a break from saving the earth and come home tomorrow! 


14 weeks: lemon

The bump has arrived people! 
Morning sickness is still lurking, but the appetite is back, and the belly band has become the new best friend. 

13 weeks: medium shrimp

1st obligatory "bump" pic! It's there somewhere. I feel it, but can't quite see it. 
Let's watch this baby grow! 


say cheese

{Week 6-8}

Here are the first 2 pics of our little bambino. The top pic was taken at 6 wks and the bottom at 8 wks. What a difference only 2 wks can make! In the top pic, the baby resembles a blob and is equivalent to the size of a lentil bean. In the bottom pic, it's more like a kidney bean-sized teddy bear. Currently, we're almost to the 14 week mark, and this little cutie is now about the size of a lemon! Hallelujah- we've graduated to fruit analogies! 


I really don't have much to report on the crazy pregnancy front, but here are the juicy details anyway{disclaimer: I am writing this part of the blog as a journal, to record those little things I won't remember later. My apologies if you are not into the details. I will try not to scare anyone off, but if this isn't your thing, skip it and wait for another post about Wrigley...however the next 6 months will prrrrrobably be consumed by baby stuff. Sorry baby haters.}:

Not really at the moment. Although, at first I would ONLY eat raw fruits and veggies and salty things. Then, the only things that sounded good were rice, cheese pizza, or Velveeta mac n cheese. Who knows! 

{Morning Sickness:} 
At first--uh, yeah! I will spare you the details but I felt nauseous most days from morning to night from week 6-12 and considered it a blessing if I could actually "get sick, " because once I did that and took one for the team, I was good to go for the day. One morning I lost it {literally} at the smell of sausage pinwheels...and then ate 4 on the way to work. Weird. And gross. Sorry. Ever since the 12 week mark, the nausea has died down, and I only get sick about once a week. 

{Bump report:} 
This week, I've had my first person touch my stomach and 2 people tell me they can see my "little bump!" This is great news, because at about this time is when I want to look preggers, but really just feel like I look super bloated with a little food baby. Speaking of that, tonight on our walk I told Tate, "I think it's starting to pooch out!" He said, "wait, are you not pushing out your stomach?" "Nope, I know, I usually only look like this when I've had a satisfactory steak dinner from Cheeve's Bros!" On the same front, my pants are getting too tight and I've currently learned the hair tie has 2 purposes in life- ponytails and more importantly, holding your pants together when they don't want to button anymore! 

Oh, the joys!
{and I mean that seriously}  



Baby B, what will it be? 

Place your vote!! Guess what you think Baby Barrett is, boy or girl
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We are pumped to find out gender on October 21st!  What's your guess?

baby makes 3

Well, I think it's time to awaken from the blogging hiatus because...

We're preggers, people!!!!! 
{usually, I'm not a multiple exclamation point kinda person, but this is absolutely necessary}

There's a lot, but something little in particular, to catch you up on! Let's go back to the to the day we found out this tiny bundle of joy was a-growin in my belly. I didn't know it, but I was only 4 weeks along at the time.

...July, 10th 2013...

Here is what I wrote in my "journal" that day {technically, I don't know if a journal can consist of only 2 entries, but whatever, it sounds impressive}: 

"Well, two things have changed our lives forever today. ONE- we are not getting a second golden retriever. And more importantly, TWO- we are pregnant! I want to say that we are exited beyond words, but I think it is still settling in before we allow ourselves to believe the wonderfully good news. While packing for our vacation to Mexico tomorrow with the Halls, Derians, and Andersons {you'll meet them and love them...and probably be a little embarrassed by some of them one day}, I decided to take a pregnancy test because I was just a little curious {no symptoms yet}. Immediately after taking the test, 2 little pink lines showed up. What? I was excited, but told myself not to get my hopes up and to check back in 3 minutes like the instructions said. Over the next 2 hourse, while packing and watching "The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith" {which I don't recommend}, I checked that little stick of joy over 20 times. Pack a swim suit, check. Throw a flip flop in the bag, check again. Every time I checked, it still had 2 lines saying, "PREGNANT!!!" and every time my heart skipped a beat with pure joy. I waited for your dad {that sounds new and a little strange to say, but I know it will become wonderfully familiar in no time} to get home from the lab/work to tell him. I wanted to see his excitement in person. That's one thing I hope you get from your dad- his enthusiasm, when he's pumped about something, he can't help but show it. Our conversation went like this:

D: Hey, have you thought any more about getting another puppy?
T: Yeah! Actually I think we should...
D: Well--I've been thinking about Wrigley's brother, and I don't think we should get him. 
T: {in a disappointed voice}Why not?
D: Because, if this test is right, it looks like she'll have a little human brother or sister in 9 months!

As you can guess, he was ecstatic! Being the realistic one, I told him not to get too worked up, because we weren't for sure. But the test and its 2 pink lines weren't changing their minds. After packing, I took a second test, and if the box would have come with 8, I probably would have taken all 8 of them. Guess what, the second one had 2 pink lines too! Tomorrow, we will be on our way to Mexico, with you as our little, best kept secret {for now}."