happy thanksgiving y'all

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did. Our turkey day was spent in Fairview, filled with our traditional King family meal, some QT with family, and lots of shopping! Once again, we have been blessed beyond measure throughout the past year. Thanks be to God for all of the goodness that has come our way including: 

-Another year spent with family and friends-
-A new home where we can grow our roots-
-Healing and miracles for friends' family-
-New opportunities with school and jobs-
-Grace & mercy daily-

Here was our very happy Thanksgiving through pictures:

Jan the Man keeping us on schedule! 

Mixing potatoes, baking turkey and deviling {is that a verb?} eggs. Hmm, that's weird, where's Jayma? 

Carving turkey is serious man business. Tate is taking notes...one day, Tate, one day. 
{Please note Lynley painting her nails at the bar.}

Grub-a-dub-dub! Looks yummy! All the traditional dishes for our fam: turkey, ham, mac and cheese two ways, dressing, cranberries two ways, broccoli rice casserole, deviled eggs, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn {yawn}, and rolls. I think that's it. As Lynley said, "with all these good options, why waste precious plate space with corn?"

 These two. Crazy sisters! Funny thing is, I think they were trying to take a real picture. Ah well, third time's a charm...


 Grandpa Billy Bunk. He knows the drill. 

This man and his ketchup. Don't leave home without it!

 Every Thanksgiving is better with some puppy love from your over-sized lap dog.

 And the the reason for the season {not really}, Black Friday Shopping! Outlets opened at 9:00 PM on Thanksgiving night...come on people! I don't support the idea; I mean, people should really be home with their families spending--...oh wait, what's that you say... JCrew is 50% off?! Let's go, we are waisting time!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! 


bu homecoming

Hooray for Baylor Homecoming! It was fun to have family in town, run into friends we hadn't seen in a while, and fill Waco with alumni as we shared in our pride for the green & gold. We went to the parade, which has recently been deemed as the oldest collegiate parade in history, thank you very much. We also tailgated, went to the football game, where my sister and I mostly people watched and asked each other,  "What is with the mom jeans cut off into jean shorts and those giant hair bows?" I guess we are getting old when we no longer understand the college fashion. Anyway, It was a fun weekend! The best part was now that we are locals {which is scary}, we got to sleep in our own beds instead of crashing on a friend's air mattress and didn't spend countless hours on I35. Happy homecoming staying! Here are the highlights: