girls weekend

"Girls just wanna have fun do uninterrupted crafts...ohh, girls just wanna do crafts!"

Well, girls weekend was a success! And how could it not be with this view? We had been planning this weekend since August. Months ago we polled the group to find a weekend that would work for everyone...4 months later we had the first weekend that worked. Let me explain the "big bestie, little bestie" situation. There are 7 of us. Me and my 2 best friends {big besties...named for age rather than size, thank you very much} and then my sister and her 3 best friends who are 2 years younger {hence the "little" besties}. We all grew up together, even though us biggins were older, cooler, and way more mature than the littles. Anyway, our good friend Nikki {one of the little besties} is having a baby girl SOON, so we had to get together for one last hoo-rah before baby Caroline arrives and cramps our style. Just kidding. But seriously, we probably won't get to do this for a while. Apparently our "hoo-rah" comes in the form of yarn, hot glue guns, and a crock-pot. Hey everyone is different. Two years ago girls weekend consisted of a trip to Vegas...this year its a quiet crafting weekend at the lake...next year....knitting at the Senior citizens center? Don't judge. It was a much needed weekend and the rules were simple:

1. Everyone be prepared to teach the group a craft and bring the supplies to do so.
2. Strict dress code: sweat pants, no make-up, and no real bras for the entire weekend. 

Due to rule #2, people were strict about not letting me take their picture, but I did manage to snap this gem: 

Crafting is serious business. Get your wreath face on. {Don't hate me, Meg}

We celebrated Meg's {big bestie} birthday with dinner and Sprinkles cupcakes. Other activities on the agenda: cooked a big breakfast, went on a walk through the forest, spied on the bachelorette party next door, sat on the dock for 'happy hour', learned about pregnancy, and made some stuff. First up...

Mason Jar Snow Globes

We were smart and started off the day right with a simple craft, as not to get discouraged. They turned out super cute! Tutorial here. Mine is on my coffee table right now. Whew, one craft down, that was easy. Little did we know what was up next...

Yarn Wreaths with Felt Flowers

Now don't get me wrong, these turned out awesome!! However, wrapping that yarn around the wreath is time...con...sume...ing. So much so that we had to take a lunch break and come back later to finish. But, like I said, it turned out so cute and festive! It's hanging on my shoe closet door. That's right, I have a shoe closet...because I am riiiiich! If you want one of your own {wreath that is, not a shoe closet} look here. We wrapped up the night with another easy one...

Bird + Antler Gift Tags

Nothings says, "Merry Christmas" like stocky birds with antlers! They will be going on all 30 of our gifts under the tree. Can't wait!  

Last up, 

Paint Sample Garland 

If you have a Lowe's or Home Depot close by and don't feel bad taking advantage of the paint department, this one is for you. We got a whole lotta 'free' paint samples and went to town. We made Christmas tree, a star, and an ornament garland. I don't have a tutorial, but it's pretty self-explanitory. Tips: get different shades of the same color. For example for the red we got candy apple reds, burgundy and even salmon. Trace your shape, cut it out and hole punch two holes in each shape to ensure it doesn't turn when you string it on the twine. 

It was such an enjoyable, relaxing weekend! I hope we can do it every year. Thanks Lindsey for being a gracious host and having us at your place. I am so blessed with wonderful friends to have  the joy of growing up and doing life together. From 4th grade recess to youth group mission trips to high school graduation to cowboy creeper to weddings and now babies! I'm glad to have you girls in my life. Let the generation of tiny besties begin!  

{How bad is it that I had to go back to 2009 to get this. 
It's official: we need to take more pics!}



deck the halls

The tree is trimmed, the halls are decked, the stockings are hung! 

It's the most wonderful time of the year-- my birthday I mean CHRISTMAS! It was even more fun decorating this year since we got to decorate our very own house! Also exciting, we picked out our very first real Christmas tree this year. Here let me just give you a little tour of the Barrett house around this time of year. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from our happy home to yours. 

Christmas Decor: tree, sparkly tree topper {Target}, ornaments
Here's our cute tree, alfalfa sprout and all. I am not the theme-tree type. I prefer more of a random, eclectic, cozy vibe. I love all of our mis-matchy ornaments. Each has its own story. This year we started a new tradition of picking out a tree together and decorating together...by my lonesome {other people had "research" and "papers" to "write"}. But, don't worry, I don't anticipate that becoming a tradition...only until Tate is finished with school...in...2016...by then I will be a professional tree-decorator. I could have waited until later that evening for help, but I couldn't wait to get my decorating on! 

Christmas Decor: Joy To The World pillow {Pottery Barn}, Let It Snow pillow {Hobby Lobby}
Come in and have a seat! As our home increases in size, so do our pillows. We got that tiny one when we lived in our shoe box in Houston. Last year we upgraded to Joy To The World. This year, maybe a body pillow. 

Christmas Decor: stockings and initial pins {Target}, Santa pics, jars
We finally have stockings! Yea! I've been holding out for 2 years and finally got some. Wrigley's probably won't be filled this year after she ate two ornaments. She's on the naughty list. I loved how the framed Santa pics turned out. It's comprised of my Grandma's old/vintage Christmas cards and a frame I got at Goodwill for $2. We almost threw these cards out when going through my Grandma's Christmas stuff...glad I kept them!

Christmas Decor: letters {Hobby Lobby}, frosted holly berries {Hobby Lobby}
JOY! The best Christmas word. I love adding these frosted holly berries anywhere and everywhere. 

Christmas Decor: light up church, picture, scrabble letters
Old pics make the best decorations. This is an old pic of my mom and Aunt Kelly {the inappropriate aunt} on Santa's lap. Presh! 

Christmas Decor: wreath, reindeer duo {Home Goods}, Santa painting, Peace On Earth {Hobby Lobby}, evergreen branches {Lowe's}
This is my favorite part of the Christmas decor, our entry table. I recommend hanging a wreath on an entry mirror. It turned out so cute! More important tip- go to Lowe's or Home Depot and hang out where they trim the Christmas trees. Just look like you are suppossed to be there and no one will ask questions. You can get all the extra branches and wood slices {from the trunk} fo free! There was a lady there hogging all of the branches. She literally had a cart full. Luckily, I was able to snag a few and put them here in a rustic jar I filled it with water. 2 weeks later, they are still going strong. 

Christmas decor: mint m&ms {have I mentioned I am obsessed with these}, Borden's crate filled with my grandma's Rudolph toy, ceramic Santa with more leftover branches, and trio of Christmas trees. My grandma used to put this quirky Rudolph under her tree every year accompanied by a pair of the creepiest Santa dolls you have ever seen. I am happy to give Rudy a new home. Maybe one day when Wrigley's curiosity dies Rudy can live under the tree once again. 

Happy decorating for Christmas time! Now all we need to do is wrap some presents...I bet Wrigley can't wait for new "snacks"