from first to second

Well, today I walked down the aisle for the second time in four months. Tate and I joined our church, Second Baptist Houston! We had been planning on joining for a while, but the timing just hadn't been right. However, today was our day! When they started playing "My Heart, Your Home" during the invitation, which was the same song they played at our wedding during the unity candle, Tate looked at me and said, "Let's go." The song was a really neat parallel, and made it feel extra special.  (Erin- at the front of the church Tate looked at me and said, "Erin and Drew sounded better", so shout out to our wedding singing peeps) It is really exciting to officially be part of OUR church as "the Barretts," even though I accidentally introduced myself to the church staff as "Danielle Nich- uh- Barrett." Old habits die hard.   

Second Baptist is really special to us for a few reasons. We love the people. Since October, we have had a great opportunity to spend time other couples in our Thursday night Bible study. Outside of church we have hung out with our group at dinner, birthday parties, while two-stepping and soon to come: the rodeo. It has been such a blessing to get to know other couples that are in the same phase of life that we are. We've been consistently going to the church for four months, but we first visited long before that... 

Actually, our first time to Second was a year before we were even dating. We were in Houston to speak to potential Baylor students for a StuFu rally. Since Tate and I were both SR co-chairs, we didn't get to take many trips together, but this one was an exception. We made sure to schedule one rally together before the year ended. We packed up the van, drove to Houston in our green and white striped jerseys, told students why we loved Baylor and answered a ton of questions. Who knew two years later we would be walking down the aisle, holding hands as a family. 


ran austin

15,000 runners, 300, 000 cups and 30 pounds of petroleum jelly. Last weekend, we spent our Valentine's Day running and cheering in the Austin marathon. My mom and I took part in the latter of the two. Tate ran his second half marathon (beating his goal by 4 minutes), and my dad ran 26.2 miles in his first marathon!! This was the first marathon I've seen, and it was truly an unbelievable experience. People train their whole lives for this. To see them cross the finish line was both exciting and humbling. There were men crossing the finish line pale white, being held up by their wives. Another guy cramped up .2 miles from the finish line and was unable to run. My favorite runners included but are not limited to the following: bearded leprechaun, guy in a tutu, bloody nipples man (in a white shirt) and pregnant lady in a sports bra! I figured out in the time it takes to run 26.2 miles, I could drive from Waco to Dallas and back to Waco! Tate and my dad have trained so hard for this day. At the finish line we had 2 finisher medals and no bloody nipples, so I would say it was a successful race! Below are some pics of my two favorite guys. Way to go, we are so proud of you both!


caving in...

Ok, ok, I know... I finally caved in and created a blog. I have become one of those newly married couples I once made fun of. You know the ones that think the monotonous details of their newly married life are not only important enough to write about, but interesting enough for other people to want to read it. Well, I guess we'll see. I will just add this to the list of "married things I never thought I would do." Also on the list: eating oatmeal every morning in my "breakfast chair," following a strict 10:00 bedtime, designating Monday as "grocery shopping day" (and sometimes looking forward to it), packing for my husband and keeping a budget. Now that I think of it, those are all pretty good things. Maybe this blog will make me a better person. Ok, well let's not go that far but I do hope to keep you up to date on the life of the Barretts in H-town. My mom and the Carpenter sisters may be the only people following this little blogger, but what the hey! Jan, Kels and Kayla, this is for you! Peace and Love, Danielle