home improvement happenings

It was a very, very productive weekend around the Barrett house! A productive weekend at home without stress is rare, but we successfully accomplished just that.  No one tells you this, but when you buy a house you almost feel guilty any free time you spend NOT doing home improvement projects. However, new home owners and triathletes everywhere would be proud of the things we squeezed in a mere 2 days. Lots happened.

First of all, this happened...

We painted our door and put on new hardware {well, doorknob and deadbolt}! And it was about time. The old version of our door looked like it had been painted with teal crackle paint and the doorknob didn't latch. Now it's kettle black, latches so Wrigley can't escape, and is much better, if I do say so myself. Wrigley supervised, of course. All that is missing is my antique mail slot, which is being shipped as we speak! Can't wait for that last addition. 

This also happened...

We cleaned off and organized our screened in patio. It still has a long way to go {if you ask me, not Tate} by painting the floor, hanging lights, etc., but for now, at least there is room to sit...for the first time in a while. It was serving as The Warehouse's Warehouse for months. However, thanks to a new storage shed and a free weekend, it looks much better! We even ate dinner here tonight! On our table are patio must-haves: plants and scrabble game pieces. 

And this happened...

I added more gold treasures on to my gold wall! I found this frame at a garage sale on my way home from work Friday and thought, "I'll just add this on the end of my gold frame wall before we go to dinner." Yeahhhh right, you know how that goes. I ended up taking every frame off, scattering them all over the living room, nailing about 23 too many holes in the wall {shhh, don't tell you know who} and then putting it all back together Sunday evening. Ah well, looks decent enough...for now. :) By the way, I am looking for something "L" shaped to go in that hole by the 4. Keep an eye out. Needs to be gold, duh. 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, this slightly embarrassing, but mostly amazing, thing happened too...

On top of the home project stuff, Tate also had to squeeze in an 8 mile run...so we aired up the tires on his grandmother's {that's the truth} big red cruiser and I went with. It was just coincidence I was wearing "Barrett Support Crew" t-shirt as I escorted him through our neighborhood at 2 mph. 

Tate did this...

While I did this...

It was a really, really great weekend! So fun. I love having our own 'home' now and investing our time and love into it. Come visit! I'll let you ride my cruiser {because I know that's what you came for anyway}.


team barrett update

4/4/13 Update: 

Pat yourself on the back, Team Barrett because we have surpassed our goal!! We are so proud to announce we have currently raised $1,647 for lung cancer research and treatments. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We feel so loved and supported and know this gift will go a long way to help all those "Grandma Jackies" out there. Let's stand up on May 18th! See all of our teammates below.


<<< Gracias, Danke, Grazie, THANK YOU >>> 

I don't know how else to say it- THANK YOU to all who have joined Team Jackie Barrett, raising money for cancer research and supporting Tate in Ironman Texas! This year, Tate has committed to raising $10 per mile of the Ironman in honor of his grandma, Jackie Barrett, who was recently diagnosed and treated for Lung Cancer. I'm no mathematician {let's see...just move the decimal one place...to the right...yeah...}, but I'm pretty sure that's...

$1,406 for 140.6 miles

 So far, we have completed 59% of our goal! $837 down and $569 to go! That means we need sponsors for 57 more miles. Oh, what's that, you want to join Team Barrett, but don't know how? I'm glad you asked...

<<< To join TEAM BARRETT >>> 

Just pick a mile {or two, or ten} then click here to donate $10 per mile. That's right we only need $10  per mile, which is like the equivalent to skipping two lattes, sneaking your own snacks into the movies {sorry Meredith} or avoiding putting those 10 items in your basket from the Target dollar bin {let's be honest, you didn't need them anyway}. We really would be thrilled to have you join our team and to have EVERY mile covered, all 140.6 of 'em! Thanks so much for your support, especially on May 18th as Tate is racing for a great cause! Let's Stand Up to Cancer together! 

{To see more on the reason behind Team Jackie Barrett, visit an earlier post, entitled "Stand Up"}

Miles Sponsored:  

1- Katie & Tye Barrett
2- Katie & Tye Barrett

3- Katie & Tye Barrett
4- Katie & Tye Barrett
5- Katie & Tye Barrett
6- Katie & Tye Barrett
7- Katie & Tye Barrett
8- Katie & Tye Barrett
9- Katie & Tye Barrett
10- Katie & Tye Barrett
11- Evelyn Hancock
12- Evelyn Hancock
13- Evelyn Hancock
14- Evelyn Hancock
15- Vicki & Michael Potts
16- Vicki & Michael Potts
17- Vicki & Michael Potts & Iris Warren
18- Iris Warren
19- Iris Warren
20- Tyler & Erin Ellis
21- Tyler & Erin Ellis
22-Brad, Nikki & Caroline Ringler
23- Brad, Nikki & Caroline Ringler
24- Brad, Nikki & Caroline Ringler
25- Katelyn & Walker McWilliams
26- Katelyn & Walker McWilliams
27- Katelyn & Walker McWilliams
28- Wanda Picken
29- Bob & Wanda Picken
30- Bob & Wanda Picken
31- Bob & Wanda Picken
32- Bob & Wanda Picken
33- Kelsey Carpenter
34- Kelsey Carpenter
35- Kelsey Carpenter
36- Kelsey Carpenter
37- Kelsey Carpenter
38- Evelyn Hancock
39- Megan & Jordan Maxwell, Joan & Ken Self
40- Megan & Jordan Maxwell, Joan & Ken Self
41- Megan & Jordan Maxwell, Joan & Ken Self
42- Lynley & Shawn Tolleson
43- Lynley & Shawn Tolleson
44- Lynley & Shawn Tolleson
45- Lynley & Shawn Tolleson
46- Lynley & Shawn Tolleson
47- Lynley & Shawn Tolleson
48- Lynley & Shawn Tolleson
49- Lynley & Shawn Tolleson
50- Lynley & Shawn Tolleson
51- Lynley & Shawn Tolleson
52- Bobby & Kim Nicholson
53- Bobby & Kim Nicholson
54- Bobby & Kim Nicholson
55- Bobby & Kim Nicholson
56- Bobby & Kim Nicholson
57- Bill, Janice, Flo & Lyn Nicholson
58- Bill, Janice, Flo & Lyn Nicholson
59- Bill, Janice, Flo & Lyn Nicholson
60- Bill, Janice, Flo & Lyn Nicholson
61- Bill, Janice, Flo & Lyn Nicholson
62- Bill, Janice, Flo & Lyn Nicholson
63- Bill, Janice, Flo & Lyn Nicholson
64- Bill, Janice, Flo & Lyn Nicholson
65- Bill, Janice, Flo & Lyn Nicholson
66- Bill, Janice, Flo & Lyn Nicholson
67- Sean Lively & Jayma Williams
68- Sean Lively & Jayma Williams
69- Sean Lively & Jayma Williams
70- Sean Lively & Jayma Willams
71- Sean Lively, Jayma Williams, Tommy & Marianne Walton
72- Tommy, Marianne & Kyle Walton
73- Tommy, Marianne & Kyle Walton
74- Tommy, Marianne & Kyle Walton
75- Tommy & Marianne Walton
76- Chris Mallett
77- Chris Mallett
78- Chris Mallet & Ali Foran
79- Ali Foran
80- Ali Foran
81- Bobby & Kim Nicholson
82- Bobby & Kim Nicholson
83- Bobby & Kim Nicholson
84- Bobby & Kim Nicholson
85- Bobby & Kim Nicholson
86- Mark & Kathy Carpenter
87- Mark & Kathy Carpenter
88- Mark & Kathy Carpenter
89- Mark & Kathy Carpenter
90- Mark & Kathy Carpenter
91- Jimmy & Shonda Smith, Mike & Michelle Bova
92- Jimmy & Shonda Smith, Mike & Michelle Bova
93- Jimmy & Shonda Smith, Mike & Michelle Bova
94- Jimmy & Shonda Smith, Mike & Michelle Bova
95- Jimmy & Shonda Smith, Mike & Michelle Bova
96- Jimmy & Shonda Smith, Mike & Michelle Bova
97- Jimmy & Shonda Smith, Mike & Michelle Bova
98- Jimmy & Shonda Smith, Mike & Michelle Bova
99- Jimmy & Shonda Smith, Mike & Michelle Bova
100- Jimmy & Shonda Smith, Mike & Michelle Bova
101- Meredith & Andrew Hall
102- Meredith & Andrew Hall
103- Meredith & Andrew Hall
104- Meredith & Andrew Hall
105- Meredith & Andrew Hall
106- Meredith & Andrew Hall
107- Meredith & Andrew Hall
108- Meredith & Andrew Hall
109- Meredith & Andrew Hall
110- Meredith & Andrew Hall
111- Meredith & Andrew Hall
112- Meredith & Andrew Hall
113- Meredith & Andrew Hall
114- Meredith & Andrew Hall

Run/Marathon115- Robby & LaVon Barrett
116- Robby & LaVon Barrett
117- Robby & LaVon Barrett
118- Robby & LaVon Barrett
119- Robby & LaVon Barrett
120- Robby & LaVon Barrett
121- Robby & LaVon Barrett
122- Robby & LaVon Barrett
123- Robby & LaVon Barrett
124- Robby & LaVon Barrett
125- Robby & LaVon Barrett
126- Robby & LaVon Barrett
127- Robby & LaVon Barrett
128- Robby & LaVon Barrett
129- Robby & LaVon Barrett
130- Robby & LaVon Barrett
131- Robby & LaVon Barrett
132- Robby & LaVon Barrett
133- Robby & LaVon Barrett
134- Robby & LaVon Barrett
135- Robby & LaVon Barrett
136- Robby & LaVon Barrett
137- Robby & LaVon Barrett
138- Robby & LaVon Barrett
139- Robby & LaVon Barrett
140.6- Robby & LaVon Barrett

Congrats, you made it to the bottom! Is your finger tired from scrolling? I know what you are thinking, "woah that's a lot of miles!" You're right, that's why we need you! Gracias, Danke, Grazie, Thanks again!