we're alive

Well, hello there. I know we've been MIA for 1/6 of a year, but I'm here to tell you:

the BaylorBarretts are alive and doing well in the 254! 

Things are great here in Waco. Since I've been a bum and so rudely left you out of our lives for the past two months, let's start by giving a little update:

TATE is living the life once again as a college student. He started Baylor graduate school in August, going to class {I think} and teaching 2 labs. That's right, this guy is molding the minds of impressionable college Freshmen...yikes. Tate is studying Environmental Science, which is a two year program. We live a few blocks from campus so he enjoys scooting to class and running the trail around campus, the Bear Trail, or the "B.T." if you are a Baylor girl and shorten everything. Big news- he just bought some new KSwiss running shoes {which is a huge deal in our house} and is getting ready for the Whiterock half marathon in December. When he is not in the lab or running around campus, he can found 17 miles Southeast of Waco in tiny Riesel, TX taking samples for his research project. He's smart. And important.

WRIGLEY is now 5 months old She's roughing it, spending most of her time chewing on socks, splashing through every puddle in sight and snoozing hard. She is the color of pumpkin pie and has the cutest, droopiest eyes I've ever seen on a golden retriever. Not that you care but her day goes like this: Wake up at 6:45.on.the.dot., have mommy dearest let me out of my crate and have her escort me into the backyard {because I obviously don't like to go alone in the AM} in her embarrassing barefoot, braless get-up that she calls "pajamas", eat breakfast, then it's time to wake up pops by laying on his pillow and licking his face, eat lunch with Tate when he comes home for lunch {lucky}, lay around, supervise my servants making dinner in case they drop something, demand dinner by barking at my bowl, eat, get drug around on a "walk", and snooze.

What is DANIELLE doing? Well, thanks for asking! I'm still doing the Speech Path thing. This time I am only at three schools { as opposed to 9} and am not officing out of my car. I get my own classroom...2 actually...Tate is not the only important one in this fam. I am working at Crestview {one of the largest elementary schools in the district}, Viking Hills {smallest school in the district}, and Lake Waco Montessori Magnet School {just a school in the district with a long name}. My job is really different considering I get to use ASL {sign language} as I provide therapy to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students! The Regional Day School for the Deaf feeds into Viking Hills where I have 18 Deaf/HH students on my caseload. It's been interesting, fun and a challenge all at the same time! I love it! My kids and I learn from each other. They have taught me a ton of new signs while I {or my ASL college text book} have taught them a few new ones along the way too. I am also on an Autistic Evaluation Team. Basically, we assess students that are suspected of having Autism and make a recommendation on their eligibility. Lynley and I have opened a cute, little store in Spice called "The Warehouse." It's filled with revamped vintage items and handmade home decor, but more on that later.

Well, that feels good to get that off my chest. I am glad we were able to catch up a bit. So sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. Honestly, I was a little worn out after finishing Project 365 and have taken a total of 4 pictures since...May. Darn. So much for documenting the milestones in our riveting lives. Welp, I hope after knowing we are safe and sound you can rest easy. I am sorry if I have kept you up, waiting in suspense. Until next time!