happy bday to billy bunk


Grandpa Billy Bunk turned 75 and {completely in non-Grandpa Billy Bunk style} we threw him a surprise birthday party at where else- Choctaw Casino. Now, if you know him, then you'll understand why Lynley and I  were a little apprehensive yelling "surprise" as he opened the door to find 40 eyes on him, awaiting his reaction. It was touching as his closest friends, some whom he hadn't seen in over 10 years, traveled the miles to wish him the very happiest of birthdays...and play a few hands of black jack...but mostly wish him a happy birthday. A week leading up to the party, over 60 people including childhood friends, previous co-workers, family, neighbors, and grandkids sent him postcards with birthday wishes. Even Susie Luchsinger { THE Reba McEntire's sister} sent a postcard saying, "Thanks for helping me get started in my music career." Whhhhow. What a way to ring in the big 75. It was a great day celebrating life and taking time to appreciate you, Mr. Bunk. Happy birthday Grandpa. Thanks for being you and teaching us the important lessons in life like how to 'spoof,' maintain a balanced diet of eating raw potatoes with salt, turn an empty papertowel roll into a trumpet 'do-da-dooo,' and collect silver dollars. We love you!

Here's the birthday boy himself:


rest day?

Question: What does an Ironman do on his first day off? 

Take a nice, long nap? No.
Kick back and watch TV? Nah.
Relax after 5 months of training? Huh-uh.

Answer: He pushes stalled cars uphill and rescues golden retrievers. 

While house hunting, {more on that later}we encountered a fellow Wacoan, car stalled, on Austin Ave. As Tate and two other good Samaritans were pushing her car uphill she informed them, "Man, you think I would learn my lesson and fill my car up with gas. This happens all the time." Although they wanted to neglect the car and let it roll back down that hill, they pushed it the rest of the distance {there is a discrepancy here: Tate who was actually doing the work swears the distance equaled to 1/4 a mile or "one loop around the track," while I am certain it was 250 yards. However, I was in the air-conditioned car, so believe what you will.} into the closest gas station. While working hard in the 100 degree heat, Good Samaritan 1 looked at Tate's finisher shirt and asked, "Did you do one of those Ironmans or somethin'?" He smirked and replied, "yesterday." About that time is when I turned down my AC because it was getting a little chilly in the car. 

Earlier in the day was even more eventful. We dropped our poor Wrigley off at {un}HAPPY HOUNDS, "luxury" pet grooming and boarding, while we were in The Woodlands for Ironman weekend. What a horrible experience. Did you get that- HAPPY HOUNDS in Woodway, Texas. Don't go there. Ever. To make a long story short, we went to pick her up and there was no one there to be found except our poor baby left in the heat with a hot bowl of water and no shade...for over 4 hours! After many, many failed attempts by concerned parents to contact the vanishing HAPPY HOUNDS employees, we were on a rescue mission. We decided to steal our own dog back from the evil boarding facility. So that we did. Our Ironman {just one day away from collapsing at that finish line and getting that IV I was telling you about} backed up his truck, jumped the fence, stood on a picnic table and saved the day. Wrigley was freed! I hope those other three dogs were ok, but they weren't ours, so I think "rescuing" them would be frowned upon...and illegal. Silver lining: We got a free pet-sitting weekend. Thanks HAPPY HOUNDS! You stink.