moms are great

Moms are great. When you're little, they pack your lunchbox with special notes, put band-aids on your microscopic wounds, and buckle-up your imaginary friends in the backseat. When you get older, and unfortunately don't recognize the greatness that moms are, they still drive you to the movies {remaining a safe 100 yards away at all times}, dig through piles of taffeta to help you find the perfect homecoming dress {that you will later regret}, and if you have a really great mom, take you  wrapping in the middle of the night. When you're grown, moms are still great, and you know it! They help you plan weddings, answer the phone when you are in the middle of the grocery store wondering what kind of roast to buy, and stay up late helping you decorate your first apartment. Moms are the best.

My private school students know this too. Today the walls were adorned with charming Mother's Day art projects. {See below} Pardon the lack of centering and focus in these here pictures. Mind you, I was lurking in the PreK hallway, where not only do I not have kids attending this school, but do not have any kids at all. I'm sure this exact thought was running through the mind of the eagle-eyed hall monitor {a.k.a. lady in the hallway with the cane} as she intently watched me snap pictures on my phone. I had to be quick...well obviously not that quick and get out of there before she reported me!

Emmy's mom is pretty

and a very young mother!

Hmmm....doesn't do much and goes to lots of meetings? AA anyone? 

Lipstick-scented hair or hairy lip? 

Allan's mom has her eye on you, much like the hall monitor watching me right now...

and she needs to get off that phone! Maybe she is busy scheduling all those meetings for that other mom. 

This was so inspiring, I decided to write one of my own:

My mom is 50 years old.
My mom likes to wear t-shirts that mysteriously get tiny holes in the front. 
My mom's hair smells like Tresemme hairspray and apples.
The best thing my mom cooks is beef stroganoff and potato soup.
In her spare time my mom comments on Facebook pictures and organizes trip binders.
My mom is really good at rigging things up to make them more efficient.
My favorite thing to do with my mom is talk and split a meal.
God made mothers so we can know how to love and take care of each other. 

Tate loves his mom too and came up with one:

My mom is 53 years old.
My mom likes to wear pajama pants and t-shirts.
My mom's hair smells like blue gel.
The best thing my mom cooks is chopped steak.
In her spare time my mom makes things and drinks Diet Coke.
My mom is really good at letting people know what she thinks.
My favorite thing to do with mom is go shopping for "treats."
God made mothers so they can keep their boys in line. 

The best thing about being married is you get double the moms! You are, and always have been the very best. We love you. Happy Mother's Day!