coming full circle

There are a few moments in life where you feel you've come full circle- you know like when your parents move in with you in your tiny apartment {cough...mom, dad, Lynley}. This week I got to experience one of those surreal moments. This summer, I was honored to be a graduate supervisor at Baylor's Camp Success. Camp Success is a wonderful, intensive 4 week program focusing on teaching language and literacy to kids with deficits in these areas. It is amazing. I got to meet with each of my 12 client's parents this week to report progress their child made, and more importantly, be graced with reports on how their lives have changed over the past month. One mom told me, with tears filling her eyes, her son made his dad take him to the library to get his own library card because he WANTED to read for the first time ever. Another parent reported he overheard his 4th grade son reading aloud for the first time. The gains were huge; some kids made up to 3 years of progress in only 4 weeks! There's no denying it- Camp Success lives up to its name. But with big strides come lots of work behind the scenes. Our entire month of June was is filled with paperwork, smiles, reading rocks, sleepless nights and even some tears {graduate tears that is...I don't cry}. Ahhh {sigh} the memories. This is also is the same camp I worked 3 years ago as naive 1st semester graduate student. It's the same camp where I interacted with my first client and conducted my first therapy session. FULL CIRCLE. Look at me now- a wise, seasoned professional {or something like that} included as {very temporary} Baylor Faculty. 

A few perks of being Baylor Faculty, in no particular order...

1. Faculty ID = legit
2. Primary parking with a faculty/staff parking pass
3. Getting out of 2 parking tickets because of #1 on the list
4. Eating lunch on a weekly basis with fun people in the McMullen Faculty Dining Hall...fancy
5. Getting paid to do the same gig I paid good money to do 3 years ago