17 weeks: sweet potato

It's the week of 5s: you are 5 inches long, weigh about 5 ounces, and I have gained 5 pounds!

{Wrigs praying over you- "Dear God, please let our baby love to give me belly rubs"}

 You can now yawn, hiccup and even put your hands to your mouth...I hope you aren't beginning that habit of thumb-sucking, because you know your SLP momma will put a stop to that! You are supposedly doing gymnastics in there- flips and and rolls; however, I haven't been able to feel you yet. Can't wait for that! I went to the Dr. and got to hear your heart beat again this week! What a great sound! The doctor said it is very strong, beating about 150 times per minute. 

In other news, your dad put together your stroller this week, the B.O.B. We don't have a crib or diapers or clothes, but we have a running stroller, by golly! Priorities. If he has his way, you will be strolling through a half marathon the afternoon you leave the hospital. I don't think it'll be that soon, but at least you will be strollin' in style!

  Gran Jan visited this week and brought me some maternity clothes- thank goodness! I never knew what I was missing until I tried on maternity pants! That glorious spandex band atop of skinny jeans is the best invention ever. When I tried them on I asked Tate, "are you ready to be freaked out?" Upon seeing my jeans all the way up to my rib cage he asked, "Uh, is that one entire article of clothing?" Why yes, yes it is, and the sweet potato and I love 'em. Other big news! The first stranger asked me today if I was pregnant. Well, actually it went more like this:

Rosa's employee: "Are you havin' a baby?"
Me: "Yes, and you are the first stranger to ask!"
Rosa: "Yeahhh, you got a little pudge showin' so you can tell." 
Me: "Uhhh...thanks. Why don't you go head and give me an extra order of tortillas too." 

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