we're baaack

It's official, we are moving back to the 254! After a few college visits and lots of prayers, Tate has decided to go to grad school at Baylor University. When it came down to it, we had to make the final decision between staying Baylor Bears or becoming TCU Horned Frogs. Although TCU's campus was beautiful (shout out to our wonderful tour guide, Ali Foran) and Ft. Worth is a pretty awesome city, Baylor is just a better fit for us. Plus we already know we look good in green and gold. And let's face it, we were drrrreading having to change our blog name..."Baylor Barretts" just sounds better than "Horny (frog) Barretts" anyway. Something about that just doesn't sound right. Breathe easy followers (both of you), the Baylor Barretts are not only sticking around, but we are getting back to our roots! Back to where we first met, went on our first date and got engaged. Back to where Tate once referred to me as "the devil" and later called me his fiance. Back to where good food can be found at a cheap price and entertainment consists of throwing tortillas off of a bridge and seeing if you can get to the mailbox and back without getting shot at. Know that we will be sad, very sad, to leave our friends in Houston. You will always be our first family friends, richly blessing our first 2 years of marriage. But, at least if we have to leave you fine people, we aren't going too far away. Just drive a few hours North and we will introduce you to some of our old friends: hello Baris, hello George's, hello beloved Lavertys. We missed you all and can't wait to get reacquainted!

In all seriousness, thank you all for your prayers during this exciting and somewhat uncertain time. God is so good. All the time! He has provided in ways we could not have imagined and once again blessed our family. To Him be the glory! Please continue to pray that I find a job in Waco.


  1. That is sooooo exciting! Congrats!

  2. woooo! can't wait to visit and experience baylor Barrett style!