pittman lake trip

The Barretts love us some lake! We've been a lot this summer, and this weekend was no different.  Luckily for us, our friends and fellow newly-weders, Brittan & Emily have a lake house a few hours from Houston. They were so gracious to invite 3 couples, including us, to their place for a weekend get-away. We had a blast! Saturday and Sunday were filled with boat rides, jet skis, games, an inflatable row boat, football, wake boarding and tubing.  I took a few impressive face plants on the wake board and got a nice chin strawberry from tubing. It was hardcore. But as Dewey Finn sings in School of Rock, "you're not hardcore, unless you live hardcore" and that we did. 


The boys attempted to fish for Gar, but in the end, the Gar won. That wasn't the only time they tasted defeat. I feel I should mention the girls beat the boys in Catchphrase thrice (that's right I just said thrice, it isn't used enough). After the second loss, the boys thought they would have better luck by changing the category to: Sports/Games. We not only won, but followed it up with a victory dance (seen below). Speaking of games, I learned how to play ladder golf and gave a lesson on how to play the best board game ever- Balderdash. Both were hits!

At the end of the weekend, Andrew made some new canine friends, and we all had a few too many of Brittan's choc chip cookies. I probably shouldn't admit I put a few in a baggy to take home for later. All in all, it was a great weekend!  Thanks Pittmans! 


  1. Danielle! Love the blog...you're doing so well with updating. I'm finally back in the groove. So question: how do you make your picture collages? I love them, and want to do some myself! Miss you, can't wait for Thanksgiving!

  2. I LOVE THIS BLOG! It made me laugh the entire time! Thank you for the memories and a much needed reunion trip will be in the works!