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Last weekend was Baylor Homecoming, SickUm! This was the first Homecoming we have gone together as married alumi peeps, and we were looking forward to it!

We got there late Friday to meet Tye, Katie and Lynley at the bonfire. We saw fireworks and almost rode on a carnival ride...dun, dun duuuun. However, the line was too long so we opted out and probably spared our lives in doing so.

Saturday morning we went to my favorite Baylor Homecoming event, the parade. I should probably mention, this isn't just any parade. It's the 2nd largest collegiate parade in the nation (thank you StuFu tour training). This is where I sadly realized I am getting old. 1st piece of evidence: I used to think getting up for the parade meant waking up ridiculously early; however, this year, I was excited to sleep in a whole hour.  2nd piece of evidence: I didn't know anyone on campus compared to previous years. Actually, only 2 people stopped to tell me hi at the parade- a teacher and an advisor...a.k.a other old people. Great, that confirms it.

After the parade, I stopped by the Chi Gam Alumni Luncheon. It was so great to see my sweet sisters!  Following lunch at Schmaltz's we very unexpectedly passed the candle!! What a surprise.  My little, Anna Ligon, is engaged! I felt so blessed to be there with my girls in that nail salon. Chi Gams fo life!

Later, we hit up Tye's tailgate and went to Tate's favorite Homecoming event- the Baylor football game. Rise up! It rained through the in-tye-er game. No joke. I told Tate that I was going, unless it rained. Welp, joke was on me because it started raining merely three plays into the game.  We were warned a storm was a-rollin' through and that we needed to take cover. However, we didn't take it seriously until it was announced that pea-sized hail was also on its way. Yikes! On that note, we took cover with the other thousands of people under the stands. Luckily, we got a prime spot in front of the napping man and beside the gate blocking off the Kansas State locker room. Literally five hours later, the bears won!! Some of us charged the field while some of us took pictures. It is the first time we've been bowl eligible since 1994! In another fans' words, "I love that the bar is low enough that just being eligible is HUGE deal." Me too, sir, me too.

It was a great ending to the baylorbarretts first Homecoming weekend! 

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