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4 doctors visits in 4 weeks! They've actually started a rewards program in our honor.  

Many of you have been so thoughtful to inquire about E's health and how she is doing. Overall, she is doing great; we've just had a few hiccups along the way. Nothing serious to report, thank you Lord, but I wanted to catch you up nonetheless. I know many of you mamas out there have experienced the same things with your precious babes, and I thank you for sharing your experiences and advice. As always, your prayers are appreciated and valued on Evie's behalf! We take heart that, "When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action." {Matt. 18:20}

Visit 1: Newborn well-baby check up {routine visit}
Healthy girl in the 88% for weight, 80% for height, and 40% for head circumference...however, if you count the crazy hair it bumps her up to 99% 

Visit 2: Laryngomalacia & Hernia 
Two days after after our well baby check up, we started noticing Evie's breathing sounded abnormal- labored, gargled, congested breathing. We noticed it mostly at night when she was sleeping inclined in her bassinet in our room. She was diagnosed with Laryngomalacia, apparently common among infants. Basically, the tissue in her larynx is softer than expected and her upper larynx collapses slightly when inhaling. Sounds scarier than it is, but this is to blame for the "labored, congested" breathing. No treatment needed, she just needs to lay flat to sleep. It should clear up by 18 months...which seems like a long time to hear your poor baby wheeze! At this visit we also found out she has an umbilical hernia, which again is common among infants. No treatment at this point; 9 out of 10 cases clear up on their own.

Visit 3: Two week well-baby check up {routine visit} 
Still have a healthy girl! 

Visit 4: Acid Reflux
We had been noticing E gets fussy 30 mins exactly after feedings. She arches her back, seems very uncomfortable and spits up. Dr. agreed it sounds like acid reflux and prescribed drops to help with her discomfort. Oh and guess what, it is ALSO "common among infants." Yeah, yeah, yeah...
Laryngomalacia, hernia, reflux- Evie spread the love and save some "common" baby ailments for the rest of the population! 

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