evie's birth day

We are so very excited to announce... 

Evie Jacquelyn Barrett has arrived!

Tuesday, 3/25/2014 at 1:10 PM
9 lbs. // 5 oz. // 20 inches


I went in Monday 3/24 at 40 weeks and 5 days to start induction. This girl was not coming by herself, so we had no choice but to help her along! And at 9 lbs., 5 oz., I am thankful we did not wait another day or she would have walked herself out of the womb! Aunt Lynley came into Waco Monday to keep me busy and my mind off of induction. We went to lunch and got mani/pedis before Tate and I headed to the hospital that evening. After being admitted, the labor and delivery nurse asked my pain level. I told her, "uhhh 3 I guess." She said, "wow, that is pretty good considering you are having some pretty decent contractions." I said, "so THAT is what those feel like! In that case, I've had those on and off for a few weeks." In some ways, the entire experience was a wonderful blur, and in other ways time stood still. Either way, I pray that we remember the details of this oh, so happy day forever!  

Monday 3.24
4:30 PM- Did balloon induction (twice)
6:00 PM- Admitted to Hospital. Nurse Emily, Debbie, and Lee got us admitted and IV ready to go

Tuesday 3.25
5:30 AM- Started on Pitocin 
7:30 AM- Dr. Patterson came to check me before her rounds and decided to break my water at last minute 
8:30 AM- Epidural! Best/weirdest thing ever 
12:00 PM- Tate leaves my Labor & Delivery room (for the first time in the 18 hours we've been there) to grab a quick lunch. Also, Bull, Aunt Lynley, and Poppy leave for a few minutes to eat. When they leave, Bull says, "don't push until I get back." I laugh at the thought of that happening anytime soon.
12:01- Dr. Patterson arrives and has me just try a "practice push." She announces this baby has a lot of hair and decides its go time! 
12: 10- Gran Jan, MiMi, and Aunt Kelly reenter the room to check on us. Everyone realizes we haven't called Tate, so he has no idea what is going on while eating his Which Wich in the hospital cafeteria. LaVon calls him and he literally comes running.
12:25- Pushing begins with me, Tate and Nurse Emily "1...2...3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..rest...again" 
12:50 PM- Dr. Patterson comes back 
1:00 PM- I look over to see Tate munching on a granola bar! 
1:10 PM- Evie enters the world and our lives are never the same!! 

Other Evie birth facts: 
-The week Evie was due {one week before she arrived}, Dr. Patterson guessed she would only weigh 7 lbs, 5 oz....she was waaaay off! 2 lbs to be exact. 
-After delivering I told Nurse Emily, I was so thankful because "nothing was as hard as I thought it would be." She said, "Good, maybe I will see you same time and same place next year then." Haha, nope. 
-As Evie was getting weighed, the NICU nurse announced, "We have one at 13, 10" Tate said, "she weighs THIRTEEN POUNDS?!" Nurse Nick chuckled and said, "No that is what time she was born- 13:10 military time or 1:10 PM."
-Evie was famous among nurses and doctors as the "big, healthy 9 lb., 5 oz baby girl" born after only being pushed for 45 minutes. 
-Family at the hospital on the day of her arrival: Gran Jan, Bull, MiMi, Poppy, Aunt Lynley, Aunt Kelly, Grandma Flo, Grandpa Lyn, PaPa, Aunt Roxi, and Aunt Katie. The aunts represented well since her famous rockstar and baseball uncles were earning a living to buy gifts for their new precious niece 
-Speaking of, Evie was born the same week Uncle Shawn was assigned to the Rangers Opening Day roster! 
-Evie's first visitors at the hospital included: Sarah Moore, Meredith Lancaster, Mallory Allcorn, Kate McCunniff, Erin & Tyler Ellis
-Evie was born a day apart from Brooklyn, the new daughter of my good friend and co-worker. Evie and Brooklyn were practically hospital roomies, staying only 6 rooms away

We are so thankful to God's grace during this whole experience and to those of you that have prayed for a safe and healthy delivery. Your prayers were so evident due to my peace during this process and the ease of a quick, safe delivery. We knew Evie had meconium in her fluid, but found out later the cord was wrapped around her neck twice and I lost twice the amount of blood than was expected. However, everyone is healthy and happy and we praise God from whom all blessings flow! We couldn't be happier with our 9 lb., 5 oz. bundle of joy! 

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  1. Congrats! She is precious! Loved reading her birth story.